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Texas GATORFEST Washer Tournament Rules and Regulations

Complete the form below to enter this competition. By submitting an entry you are agreeing to abide by all Texas GATORFEST rules and regulations, including those laid out hereafter. 

Date: September 10, 2022

Time: 11 a.m.; Cornhole to Follow

Place: Fort Anahuac Park

Fee: $20/Person or $40/Team 

Prizes: CA$H

  1. This is a Double Elimination Tournament. Washer Boards are placed 8 feet apart.

  2.  Teams consist of 2 players who stand on opposite boards while throwing their 3 washers that are provided by Texas Gatorfest.

  3. Whichever team scored last throws first on their next turn. 

  4. Washer has to hit board before any points are scored. If the washer hits the ground and bounces in, the points are not counted and they do not have to be covered.

  5. If a washer goes in the hole and pops out or is knocked out, no point is scored. If a player knocks in an opponent’s washer, the opponent gets the point. 

  6. The games is played to 21, no more or less, with 1 point, 3 point, and 5 point holes from nearest to furthest. A coin toss will decide which team throws first. 

  7. If a washer is covered by an opponent’s washer, neither team gets a point. One washer does not cancel multiple points. 

  8. Once a player has 21 showing and has extra washers, they must hold the washers and give the opponent a chance to cover. If opponent covers, the player may use extra washers while opponent holds extra washers - this continues until all washers are thrown or 21 is thrown when opponent has no extra washers.

  9. When a team throws over 21, this is a “bust” and that team’s score returns to 15 points. If the opponent covers the “bust” washer, that team returns to the previous score, even if it was 21. 

  10. If you bust and have remaining washers, they can be used to cover holes but not for points. The score will remain at 15 during that turn no matter how many points are scored. Scoring will continue for that team during their next throw. 

  11. In case of a tie, the players up to throw have a “throw-off”. Each throws all washers, clear board after first thrower, no covers, most accumulated points wins. 

  12. After winning the game, extra washers do not have to be thrown or hit the board. 

  13. A tournament judge can be summoned for discrepancies that cannot be corrected to the satisfaction of both teams.

Tournament judge's decisions are final.

All exhibitors and vendors agree to abide by the following festival rules:

  • No glass bottles or containers or concealed weapons may be brought into the park

  • No pets allowed in the park

  • No refunds will be granted for any reason

  • No swimming allowed

  • Festival authorized displays only

  • Use of hand held radios (walkie-talkies) prohibited

  • Everyone entering the festival is subject to search by Texas GATORFEST Security or local law enforcement officials. This includes guests, volunteers, vendors, exhibitors contractors and entertainers

  • Participation in any and all activities available at Texas GATORFEST is by choice and at the participant's own risk.

  • Pursuant to Section 30.06, Penal Code

    • A person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411 Government Code may not enter this property with a concealed handgun or weapon​

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