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The city of Anahuac was established in the 1830s by the Mexican government and was designated as the capital of the state of Texas. It was at Fort Anahuac that Texans first rose up in opposition to the Mexican governance which culminated in Texas winning its freedom from Mexico in 1836.

There are more than 30 Texas Historical Markers located throughout the area which commemorate the people, places and events that make the history of this town so rich. 

Anahuac is located near the geographic center of Chambers County, at the northeast end of Trinity Bay and the south end of Lake Anahuac. It is an outdoorsman's dream, touting abundant wildlife and beautiful waterways and estuaries. Located just southeast of the city is the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge which is home to nearly 250 species of birds including several species of rails including the yellow rail, clapper rail and black rail. Anahuac is an ideal destination for tourists, bird watchers, hunters and fishermen.

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