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Download a PDF of The Great Texas Alligator Roundup Rules and Regulations Here​

  1. The Great Texas Alligator Roundup is open to anyone who holds a valid Texas Alligator Hunter’s License

  2. There is no entry fee or preregistration required to participate

  3. This contest takes place at Fort Anahuac Park in Anahuac, TX. All entries must be brought to this site during contest hours to be considered. Contest will take place on the Saturday (from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and Sunday (from 12 to 6 p.m.) during GATORFEST weekend

  4. All alligators brought in must be tagged with a valid alligator tag issued by Texas Parks and Wildlife in a manner that is consistent with tagging instructions issued by the department

  5. Entrants must adhere to all festival rules once at the festival site. Any violations of festival or Roundup rules or unsportsmanlike behavior will disqualify the entrant

  6. A licensed Texas Alligator Buyer will be on site to purchase alligators from those hunters who wish to sell, however hunters do not have to sell their alligators to participate

  7. Participation by Licensed Alligator Buyers is prohibited

  8. Length of entries will be determined only by measurements made by Roundup Officials

  9. Contestants will compete for the longest alligator brought in each hour and the longest brought in each day. Prize money given for the longest day will reflect a combined total of one hour and daily longest prize amounts. Contestants from both Saturday and Sunday will compete for the following overall prizes:

    1. Overall Longest

    2. 2nd Overall Longest

    3. 3rd Overall Longest

    4. Longest Chambers County Alligator (this alligator must have been harvested in Chambers County)

  10. Any participant who receives $600 or more in prize money will receive a 1099 from the festival

  11. If there is any hour where no alligators are brought in there will be no prize given for longest that hour

  12. Official records that determine winners will be kept by Texas GATORFEST and The Great Texas Alligator Roundup officials. These records will determine the winners in each event, not the status board

  13. All decisions of the Texas GATORFEST and The Great Texas Alligator Roundup officials are final. Texas GATORFEST reserves the right to interpret, modify, add or delete rules and regulations as circumstances warrant.

  14. The Anahuac Area Chamber of Commerce and its affiliates, Texas GATORFEST and The Great Texas Alligator Roundup or any person(s) connected with them, individually or collectively, assume no responsibility or liability for bodily injury or any other damage or loss sustained or suffered by a participant while taking part in The Great Texas Alligator Roundup, Texas GATORFESST or during the collection of their entries


Participants agree to abide by The Great Texas Alligator Roundup Rules and Regulations and the rules of the festival.


Participants in The Great Texas Alligator Roundup agree to work with GATORFEST volunteers and staff in a positive manner. Participants also agree to great in a professional manner all GATORFEST guests, media and press. Participants who exhibit an unprofessional code of conduct will be asked to leave the festival.

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