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  • Final Thanks to All…

    As the day ends and the last person heads out tonight – we want to thank all the patrons who graced this year’s festival and all those who were on-hand to make it an enjoyable 2013 Texas Gatorfest!   See ya’ later alligator!

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  • Al White and the Chapparel Band

    We close this year’s Gatorfest with the sounds of Al White and the Chapparel Band…

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  • Buck Yeager Live

    Buck Yeager performs live at 2013 Texas Gatorfest!  Awesome…

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  • Cajun Balls

    Get your Cajun food at Cajun Balls— Finally, I got my etoufee…and it’s rockin’!

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  • Porter’s Alligator Souvenirs

    Make sure to stop at Porter’s Alligator booth and take home some gator souvenirs!

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  • Bob and Debs Fried Pies

    Bob and Debs motto “Get fried…pies that is.” so we did!

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  • Girly Gator

    Who ever heard of a girly gator wearing a tutu? The Texas Gatorfest is for everyone… even if they are due in less than a week!  Thanks Meredith Shimek for the photo.

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  • LV Catering

    Visit LV Catering for just about anything you want to eat…

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  • Anahuac National Bank

    Thanks to Anahuac National Bank for their sponsorship at 2013 Texas Gatorfest!

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  • Gator Petting

    Hey kids, have you ever wanted to see what alligators feel like?  The Alligator Roundup gives you a safe opportunity to do just that!  Once the gators are captured, the hunters bring them for a weigh-in and get their measurements and since they’re not alive you can get up close to look and touch.  These […]

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  • Red Velvet Funnel Cakes

    Holy cow…red velvet funnel cakes!

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  • Alligator size 13 ft 1 in

    Mark Robinson Calhoun County – Edgewater Outfitters got his gator in the Gatorfest Alligator Roundup!  This gator measured out at 13′ 1 inch…

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  • Giglio Distributing Company

    Many thanks to Giglio for their sponsorship at the 2013 Texas Gatorfest, another successful year!

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  • Beer Garden

    Take a video tour of the Beer Garden here…

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  • Stoney LaRue Saturday Night Live

    Stoney LaRue’s live performance on Saturday Night… What a crowd-pleaser…

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  • Food Vendor Row

    Here’s a video of a quick tour down Food Vendor Row…

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  • Alligator Pistollettes

    How many ways can you get gator at the Gatorfest?  Just about any way you want it so get down to this booth for some really good food!

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  • Dapples

    Dapples out of Liberty Texas at the 2013 Texas Gatorfest has some great fashion jewelry!

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  • Waterborne Education Marsh Tours

    Waterborne Education Marsh Tours are available at the Texas Gatorfest every year.  These tours are slow and give families an opportunity to see the South East Texas marsh from the comfort of a large boat. Take a tour for a quiet, relaxing retreat from the crowds…

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  • Gatorfest Info and T’s

    The Texas Gatorfest information booth is where to find all of the t-shirts, hats and other merchandise and apparel for sale in 2013…

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  • Wakeboarding in Anahuac

    Fort Anahuac Park boat launch and marsh area, where you can find birds, crabs, alligators and…. wakeboarding!

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  • Miller Lite Beer

    Thanks to another sponsor, Miller Lite, for helping make the 2013 Gatorfest a big hit!

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  • Jeri’s Seafood

    Get some mouth-watering seafood at Jeri’s Seafood vendor booth…  

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  • Special Airboat Ride

    Come to the Texas Gatorfest and take an airboat ride. The Texas Gatorfest is an annual celebration of the American Alligator in Texas. Anahuac is the Alligator Capital of Texas, and every year we prove it with our family friendly music and entertainment festival. Quick video of the airboat staging area…

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  • Saturday Crowds

    We had a  sea of people that turned out Saturday at the Gatorfest to hear live music from their favorite artists… Awesome live performances and patrons turning out created a Gatorfest Full House!

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  • Working the gate

    Here’s Clay and DeeDee, keeping things straight at the gate!

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  • Chambers County Sheriff’s Office

    Say hello to Deputy Dan, one of Chambers Counties finest representing Chambers County Sheriff’s Office.  Give a shout out for Sheriff Brian Hawthorne and all those with the Sheriff’s Office serving their community!

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  • Security State Bank

    Thanks Security State Bank for sponsoring the 2013 Texas Gatorfest!  We appreciate our sponsors!

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  • Bayside Community Hospital

    Thanks to Bayside Community Hospital for supporting the 2013 Texas Gatorfest!  Our sponsors help us make it happen!

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  • Swamp Sisters’

    2013 Pics of Swamp Sisters’ Country Chic Boutique’s country-style decorator pieces…

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  • Gator Roundup Update

    Here’s some results from the Gator Roundup… and some of the other gators nabbed at the Roundup…

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  • Wild West Soda Saloon

    Um-Um!  If you love the taste of root beer then you had to check in at the Wild West Soda Saloon for some ice cold, homemade root beer…

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  • Swamper and Sugarbelle are here

    Guess who made an appearance at 2013 Taxas Gatorfest?  Swamper and Sugarbelle, of course, the Gatorfest’s fav couple holding hands – isn’t that sweet?

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  • Sparky’s Guide Service

    Here’s Sparky’s Guide Service loading up for the next spin around the swamp…

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  • Kettle Korn and Lemonade

    For quick snacks and a great thirst quenchers the guys over at the Kettle Korn and Lemonade stand fixed ‘em up right!

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General Information

*** 2013 TEXAS GATORFEST ***

Dates: Thursday, September 12th through Sunday, September 15th

Location: Ft Anahuac Park - 1704 South Main Street – Anahuac, TX 77514

Directions (click link for map): http://www.texasgatorfest.com/contact/

Parking at Festival Grounds: $10.00 per day (Handicap Parking Available)

Rules & Regulations: http://www.texasgatorfest.com/about/rules-and-regulations/

First Aid & Hospitality Area provided by Chambers Health: Located inside gate

Gate Admission Prices: (purchase online or at gate - covers access to the park and all the attractions including live music. Parking, rides, food & drinks cost extra.):

Under 5 - FREE

5 up to 12 - $5.00

12 up to Senior 65+ - $10.00

Senior 65+ and Active Military - $5.00

Carnival Bracelets: (includes unlimited rides for the day of purchase)

Thursday, Friday and Sunday - $20.00

Saturday - $25.00

Airboat Rides: $12.00 per person (Height restriction – 36” tall and anyone 12 and under MUST wear a life jacket)

Trinity River Boat Tours: $10.00 per person

No Fishing: No fishing allowed from Wednesday at midnight until 7 pm on Sunday

Hotels/RV Parks: http://www.texasgatorfest.com/about/hotels-motels-rv-parks/

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Anahuac is the Alligator Capital of Texas. Come to the 2013 Texas Gatorfest for live music, live alligators and a good time.

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