Alligator Roundup

Gator Roundup:
Saturday, September 12
10am           Larry Mcrory             7’9″
11am           Clay Edmonds           9’7″
12pm           Coy Farmer                8’8″
1pm             Russell Taylor            12’3″
2pm             Larry Lawrence         12’7″
3pm             Jason Arnold             12’1″
4pm             James France             7’7″
5pm             Tommy Willcox         12’4″

Sunday, September 13
12pm          Tim Meador                 11’7″
1pm             Larry Lawrence            8’6″
2pm            Michael Micallef         10’1″
3pm            Joe Guidry                    8’5″
3pm            Cayce Causey               8’5″
4pm            E.J. King                       12’8″
5pm            E.J. King                       12’2″

Overall Longest: E.J. King – 12feet 8 inches
Second Overall Longest: Larry Lawrence – 12 feet 7 inches
Third Overall Longest: Tommy Willcox – 12 feet 4  inches
Longest Chambers County: Larry Lawrence 12 feet 7 inches

Gator_12ft7in Gator_Royalty Gator_Queen Gator_12ft7in2 Gator_Truck2
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Festival Setup

2014 Video and Highlights:

Three big gators coming in. Largest Saturday was 13′ even.





This big gator measured 12’6″ brought in by Hardin…

Gator126Hardin2 Gator126Hardin



2013 Weigh-In Highlights:

Very big gator just came in…

Weigh In Begins

12′ 9inch…. yeeeeee yeeeeee

Gator Length

but our Gator Queen ain’t afraid of these ol’ gators…

Queen N Gator

Gator Queen rules!

Queen on gator

Madison has them for supper…

Queen of Gators

Watch videos –

Here’s Ms Madison Mitchel our 2013 Texas Gatorfest Queen showing the world how a lady handles an alligator!

Mark Robinson Calhoun County – Edgewater Outfitters got his gator in the Gatorfest Alligator Roundup!  This gator measured out at 13′ 1 inch…

Mark Robinson



Here’s another big gator weighing in at The Great Texas Gatorfest Alligator Roundup – bet the gator hunter had his hands full wrestling this one out of the swamp!  It measured 12′ 6″ nose to tail…

Big Gator

Measure gator

Roundup gator